Friday, June 26, 2009

Yellow flower bed

This is the place for most of the yellow roses.

And this is the period of rose flowering. They started at the beginning of June, and they continue it with various intensity until the frosts.

Spring and early summer blue, white and pink perennials have already ceased flowering, while the yellow composition will be really spectacular only from the beginning of July.

However, some early ones like this daylily have already opened the yellow season.

Until they are followed by the rest, this part is made exciting by the contrast of large-leaved hostas and filigran grasses.


Anne Marie said...

I love this last picture here....
are those quaking aspens or birch trees?

hope you are doing well Kata......

Templom Kata said...

Dear Anne Marie,

I am happy you like it. There are birch trees on the photo. We are well, with a lot of difficulties, but always feeling the help of God.

With love,


Julia Erickson said...

I do love how those birch trees are placed.

Richard Chung said...

Good jobb