Monday, December 17, 2012

This garden is for sale

A few weeks ago a friend of mine wrote in relation to the garden, that she is envious of me for my knowledge and experience. I really liked her approach, because it was in fact one of the greatest gifts in my life that I could create this garden, that step-by-step, on nearly 2,400 square meters, I could achieve in Hungary something which fifteen years ago only existed in some books imported from Britain.

It seems that my way is like when something is done, I need to move ahead. Our life has had a turn where we have to sell this garden (with the house connected with it). However, I want it to come in good hands, if we could pass it to people who would take care of it with the same love and would find at least as much fun in it as we did.

I want to ask you, dear Readers, who have shared our joys for so many years, and from whom we received so much support: look at our advertisement, and help to find us the new owner of the garden. Perhaps some of you will think you could be it… But I also ask everyone else to spread our advertisement, put it on Facebook, send it on community lists, and ask your friends and acquaintances to do the same. Perhaps it will be an acquaintance of an acquaintance to carry on this garden. Thank you very much to all. Kata

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

autumn II.