Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday morning


James Golden said...

You place plants together in such a natural way. So often plant combinations look contrived, as if they were done by a floral designer. But yours don't.

Templom Kata said...

Dear James,

thank you for the encouraging words. As I do the maintainance of the garden alone, without any help, I have to collaborate very closely with nature. I think that for this reason also its overall view becomes more natural.

I wish you beautiful summer days.


Anne Marie said...

wonderful as always....I had thought that one picture of your stone stairway was actually a waterfall! it?

Templom Kata said...

Dear Anne Marie,

no, it is not. Perhaps this impression is caused by the moisture loving plants.

Blessed, beautiful days for you!


Anonymous said...

Kata, I am a great fan of hosta and yours impress me no end. Please, start a "hosta" tag for your photos! Even if you don't have time to name them all...

I took terrible vole losses over the winter and so am sighing over the gardens of others.

Templom Kata said...

Thank you very much. I am really very sorry for your losses. I know very well how painful they are.

Thank you also for the idea of the tag. I'll do that. Have a nice summer! - Kata