Monday, June 4, 2007

Rosa Trigintipetala

It were historical roses of deep purple color that I was longing for the most. And I was not disappointed, because the one is more beautiful than the other. My favorite, however, is not an aristocratic purple one, but a literally peasant rose, the Trigintipetala.

This is the rose that has been used for centuries in Bulgaria for producing rose oil. I like rose oil and often use it as a medicine as well. I thought it would be good to have the rose producing it, too. But I had not thought it would be so beautiful.

It forms an exceptionally nice shrub.

And its flowers are like a host of princesses.

Here it can be seen it the company of another beauty, the Erinnerung an Brod.

class: Damascus rose. It was produced already before 1700.
height: 150-215 cm
width: 120-185 cm
American hardiness zone: Z4 (down to -32 ºC)
bloom: once. It blooms richly and for a long time, later also producing some hips.