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Cottage Rose

Cottage RoseDavid Austin has found a perfectly fitting name to this rose, which is the very mirror of the country cottage. A classical pink rose with pleasant smell, and with a nice, loose bush form that stands out even among the roses of Austin. It blooms all over the summer, and it is continuously beautiful. If you have place only for one or two roses, you are advised to choose it.

Cottage Rosetype: English rose (David Austin 1991)
height: 90-150 cm - At us always 120-150 cm.
width: 75-90 cm - At us always 120-150 cm.
tolerance of cold: Z5b (to -26 ºC) At us (Z5a, to -29 ºC) it is completely frost-resistant.
blooming: several times - At us it continuously blooms even in spots of strong part-shadow.

The data of the description come from Help Me Find where you can also see further pictures.