Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gertrude Jekyll

Gertude Jekyll, as it fits to its name, is a demanding rose. Until I discovered that one has to prune it strongly and it needs a lot of nutriment as well as a watering equal to at least one rainfall a day, it only bloomed once a year. Since then it has always bloomed twice. Nevertheless, I have kept it in the honor of Gertrude Jekyll and in memory of our first journey to England.

class: English rose (David Austin 1986)
height: 120-305 cm - At us, as a result of the strong pruning, 120-150.
width: 120-185 cm - At us it is never wider than 120, usually it is even less.
American hardiness zone: Z5 (down to -29 ºC)
bloom: repeated


Julia Erickson said...

This is one of the favorite roses in my garden--yours are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the 2 photos you've posted are Gertrude Jekyll.
Gertrude Jekyll has ferocious thorns, and secondly the flowers are deep pink - not red.