Saturday, April 21, 2007


An extremely sturdy and vigorous rose. It is good that I have found just this image of it, as they usually comment on its – in fact existing – good properties, and they only occasionally say that its withered flowers stay on the shrub. You have two options: either you continuously cut them, or you try to see what is nice in them.

class: hybrid musk (Joseph Pemperton 1925)
height: 150-305 cm
width: 150-185 cm
American hardiness zone: Z5 (down to -29 ºC)
bloom: repeated

The Help Me Find regards it as shadow tolerant, and we have experienced the same. I have just read in the Help Me Find that it has to be pruned very cautiously or it does not have to be pruned at all. However, I have pruned it quite strongly in this spring. And indeed, since then I have been observing that this rose does not like something. Now I know what. I hope it will recover soon.

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