Monday, March 24, 2008

Cardinal Richelieu (Cardinal de Richelieu)

It has enchanted me at first sight, but for many years I have not even dared to think about this rose, because I thought it must be a very sensitive royal princess. However, quite on the contrary, in the reality it is one of the most robust and frost hardy roses.

Rosa Cardinal Richelieu Cardinal de RichelieuIt has an unbelievable color. You would think that these photos are manipulated, but no. It is really something so purple-violet-grey-beet-aubergine. In the life it is unspeakably beautiful. However, it is very difficult to take good pictures on it. None of these photos are perfect, nevertheless they give some impression of it.

Rosa Cardinal Richelieu Cardinal de RichelieuIn any case, they show well that complex subtlety that is completely missing from twentieth-century roses.

Rosa Cardinal Richelieu Cardinal de RichelieuIt is undoubtedly far from the idea of “neat and tidy”. This is its most attractive feature.

Rosa Cardinal Richelieu Cardinal de RichelieuRosa Cardinal Richelieu Cardinal de Richelieuclass: Gallica rose, before 1847 (Louis-Joseph-Ghislain Parmentier)
height: 90 - 185 cm - At us it is around 120 cm.
width: 60- 90 cm - At us around 120 cm.
American hardiness zone: Z4b (down to -32 ºC)
bloom: once


KFE said...

Sorry for my million questions but we seem to have similar tastes... How would you describe the difference between Cardinal de Richelieu and Hippolyte? Which one produces the best shaped bush, nicest leaves?

Templom Kata said...

Dear Fredrik!

I'am happy with your questions. The problem is only, that my husband is in this days in Spain, and my english is very basic. I'am very sorry.

In our garden both rose is very good, and very similar, but the Hippolyte is a bigger bush.


KFE said...

Thank you Kata! Your English is very good, indeed. I will go for Hippolyte then.