Sunday, March 16, 2008


I saw this rose for the first time at the site of the nature photographer (and, as you will immediately see, great fan of dogs) Christine Meile, and I found it very attractive. By the way I warmly recommend her page to everyone interested in roses. Her photos are very beautiful and true to nature. She has an extremely useful collection of links. Her data are reliable. Christine herself has several hundreds of roses, and as a practicing gardener she pays attention to the details. For example, she offers separate collections of roses producing hips or tolerating part-shadow.

class: Alba rose (Jean-Pierre Vibert 1823)
height: 120 - 200 cm
width: 90 cm
American hardiness zone: Z3b (down to -37 ºC)
bloom: once, after bloom it produces rose-hip.
Tolerates part-shadow.

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