Monday, March 24, 2008

Blush Hip

A beautiful Alba rose with a special flower. Christine Meile has published a very nice photo of its shrub as well.

Rosa Blush HipRosa Blush Hipclass: Alba rose, before 1846
height: 245 - 305 cm
width: 185 cm
American hardiness zone: Z3 (down to -40 ºC)
bloom: once


Anonymous said...


I just love your garden and all of your beautiful roses.
I have begun to plant roses for the first time. THis is their first year. I love the Austin roses too.
I have Abraham Darby, Princess Marghreta, golden celebration, jubilee celebration. I see so many that I want to plant also.

A friend of mine gave me some cuttings of a beautiful pink rose
that I was able to root it and it is blooming this year.
I have wondered what kind of rose it was and what it's name is.

It really looks like your "blush hip". It has the 3 swirl centers which make it look like a peony.

I just love it. So now I can begin to research it under "Alba Roses".

I will put you on my favorites.

I am new also to gardening blogs.

The only problem it seems prone to is mildew. Do you have this problem too? I look forward to visiting your other sites.

bye for now.

I live in Oregon, USA

Templom Kata said...

Dear Irene! Thank you very much for your kind words. I am so glad that you also love roses this much and that you had such a great success with this rose. Have a look at this page
Rosenmeile where there are plenty of beautiful and very realistic photos of roses, I am sure they can help you to identify yours. Unfortunately we also have mildew, but I spray it, I feed the plants with nutrients, and I don't let myself being disturbed of it. I wish you a lot of success in the future! - Kata