Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bulbs blooming in summer

I have just received the bulbs blooming in summer from Tulipánvilág.

Upper row:

Lilium Pink Perfection

This is one of my favorite lilies. (The database linked to its name belongs to the best ones in the net.) Fantastically beautiful. At us it grows as high as 180-200 cms. Extremely fragrant. Its flower has a very rare deep mallow color. However, to my grief, it always disappears by the next year. I do not understand why. I do not know whether these bulbs will endure, because they were quite soft and even moldy on arrival. Maybe.

Arisaema triphyllum

The bulbs are those two little pieces of dirt on the right side of the picture – for five euros each. I have immediately given them away to my neighbour. Her pot plants are always beautiful, and she will surely have enough patience to take pains over them. Me, if I will ever want something like this again, will buy them in the Praskac in pots of 9×9 cms, properly rooted, for 4,73 euros each piece. (The support to the national industry is not always a grateful task. Nevertheless, I do not give up.)

Gladiolus - White prosperity

In case of a purchase above 20 euros, Tulipánvilág always sends some gift. In this year I have received this gladiolus as well as the lily ‘Loretto’ below it. The gladiolus bulbs were nice and great. Unfortunately they were a little bit moldy too, but I think they will be OK in spite of that. I will ask my neighbor to whom I have given them away how they worked.

Lilium regale

Another unrequited love. I cannot introduce it in the garden in no way. Now I make another attempt. I have linked its name to Dave’s Garden, one of the largest American gardening databases. It is really good. It is worth to read the comments under the plants as well, sometimes you find very useful information.

Lilium speciosum Uschida

I don’t know this sport yet, but we have a Lilium speciosum that is beautiful. On the upper image you can see well how much nicer these bulbs are than the previous ones. Of this sport we have received nice big, healthy bulbs. (On their label, however, there is one more ‘u’ than necessary.) The company I have linked to its name is one of the best bulb sites on the net.

Lower row:

Dracunculus vulgaris

Even its bulb is so exotic – and we have received really nice ones. (However, the label has mistakes again.) I am extremely curious how it will grow. I have linked to its name an American nursery offering very good descriptions (if you’re there, go down to the bottom of the pages).

Lilium Loretto

The other gift by Tulipánvilág. They are really nice bulbs. The image linked to the name was found on the page of the International Bulb Society.

Gladiolus callianthus

They have sent beautiful bulbs. I have never tried them, and I’m quite curious. Dave’s Garden linked to its name has many images and comments on it. (The label by Tulipánvilág has errors again.)

Dahlia Pink Giraffe

On its arrival I have immediately planted this one among the other Dahlias, so I forgot to take a photo of it. A pity, because they have sent a nice big bulb. I have linked the page of the German Society of Dahlia, Fuchsia and Gladiolus, where you can find the descriptions of more than 1700 Dahlias. Their descriptions are usually very good, and they also attach one or more truthful images.

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