Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heuchera villosa

Heuchera villosaI bought it some years ago in the Mocsáry Perennial Nursery. It was early summer, I could only see its leaves, but I immediately fell in love with it. Its leaves are large as a palm of the hand, as if it belonged to the undergrowth of a rain forest. I took away nine at once. Towards the end of the saison I saw that it did not impress others this much, as more or less these nine pieces were missing from the stock.

Heuchera villosaHowever, it has continued to attract me. Its leaves are beautiful all over the year. In the autumn, if it has a mood, it turns into red – unfortunately it does not always have the mood. And it does not require any extra care besides some watering, but it also suffers dryness pretty much. They recommend to plant it under sun or part shade, but here in our continental climate with very hot summers I would only put it in part shade. But it is extremely frost resistant (Z3). A perfect choice for cold, shadowy gardens.

Heuchera villosaAnd if it feels as well as at us, it delights you with so beautiful flowers from late summer until the first frosts.

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James Golden said...

"A perfect choice for cold, shadowy gardens." Sounds like it may work in my woodland garden at the side of the house. Little will grow in the hard, wet clay. Surprisingly, pulmonarias are doing well. Heuchera would look good there.