Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Viburnum × pragense

One of my favorite evergreen shrubs. I like very much its loose shape that lets it fit both in jungle and Japanese compositions. And it is also undemanding. At us there are two of it in the lower fence, exclusively reserved for survivor champions. It grows quickly, but it is not spreading. It bears beautiful, fragrant flowers in the spring. It needs virtually no maintenance.

Viburnum x pragense
height: 2-3 m
width: 2-3 m
soil: It likes good soil, but it lives on almost any soil, even on light sand.
water: It likes irrigation, but also tolerates dryness.
light: It prefers half-shadow, but you can plant it on relatively sunny places as well.

Nevertheless I do not recommend it for dry and sunny sand.

American hardiness zone:
Z5 (down to -29 ºC)
bloom: mid- or late spring


Art By Erika said...

Your garden is exactly what I wish I could have! It's so natural, romantic and fragrant! I am in a wheelchair with very low stamina and one good arm that's useful (all my life). So I'm grateful for generous gardeners like you who share your joy so generously. I can smell your flowers from your photos, their scents carry memories of distant past if I can let my imagination run wild :)

Would you mind if I paint from some of your photos? I would be so thrilled, but I'd also understand if you'd rather not. Here is my website www.artbyerika.com

Thank you and take care - Erika

Templom Kata said...

Dear Erica, Iam very happy if you can take use of our images. If you have a look at my other page (http://www.hortuscarmeli.ms/main/en/intro.htm), There you will find even more pictures. Thanks a lot, and see you again.