Monday, March 24, 2008

Erinnerung an Brod

This is a rose by Rudolf Geschwind.

Rosa Erinnerung an BrodRudolf Geschwind was one of the most famous rose breeders of the 19th century. He was the first to produce frost-hardy roses in Europe.

Rosa Erinnerung an BrodHis name is associated with such world famous roses like for example Geschwind's Nordlandrose or Geschwind's Schönste, Gipsy Boy or Grüss an Teplitz.

Rosa Erinnerung an BrodWhen I have seen his roses the first time in Praskac, I have thought: well, that’s famous old German rose breeding!

Rosa Erinnerung an BrodA little later, when I have seen a list of his roses with names like Corporal Johann Nagy or Julius Fabianics de Misefa, then it became a little bit suspicious: perhaps he has some Hungarian relation?

Rosa Erinnerung an BrodIn fact, he had. His nursery was in Hungary, on Korpona. Help Me Find registers him as a Hungarian rose breeder.

Rosa Erinnerung an BrodThere was a time when we lived in the middle of Europe.

Rosa Erinnerung an Brodclass: wild rose hybrid (Rudolf Geschwind 1886)
height: 150 - 245 cm
width: 150 - 245 cm
American hardiness zone: Z4(down to -34 ºC)
bloom: once
At us it is planted on a sunny place, but according to Help Me Find it tolerates part-shadow.


sss said...

So beautifl touch about the rose,
I am really impressed.
Now I understand the rudolph Gescwind`s rose are so good and his effort is the public inerest.
His background is very curious for me. From japnan. Köszönöm  sépen

Templom Kata said...

Arigato for the Hungarian thanks! Geschwind was a great discovery for me, too. I wish you much joy to the roses! Kata