Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jayne Austin

My absolute favorite. If I only could keep one single English rose, this would be it. Its apricot-colored flower is beautiful, large and full, with an incredibly strong fragrance. It blooms from early summer until late autumn, and it is unimaginably hardy. Some years after its first plantation I had to replant it, because the walnut-tree grew above it. By ignorance I planted it to a place with sandy soil and in addition with half-shadow. This rose not only survived it, but it is completely beautiful. In this autumn, as this latter place became shady as well, finally I replanted it to a proper, sunny place. I hope very much that everything will be all right with it.

class: English rose (David Austin 1990)
height: 90-215 cm - At us it is usually around 150 cm, with a strong pruning.
width: 90-105 cm - At us rather 120-150 cm.
American hardiness zone: Z5 (down to -29 ºC)
bloom: repeated - At us it virtually blooms continuously.

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