Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hydrangea arborescens 'White Dome'

It seems to me that it has grown a lot over the last three years (here you can see its photos of 2009). And I have to put myself right in relation of the post of 2010: in contrast to general belief, it grows much more than one and half meter. Even with strong pruning, this shrub is higher than two meters.

Undoubtedly there are more attractive hydrangeas than this, but this shrub is growing in an almost complete shade and with relatively little watering. In such circumstances I am very satisfied with it. I also have to add to the post of 2010 that Hydrangea arborescens, once stabilized, is not water intensive.

And it seems they are not demanding from other points of view either. This White Dome grows on a good ground, but what I propagated from it is also nice on relatively poor soil, although it remains smaller. The only problem with it is that you cannot buy it at us. Hopefully some nursery, at the sight of its good qualities, will feel like producing it. In the meantime you can buy it next to Vienna, in the Praskac.


James Golden said...

It's a beautiful shrub. I much prefer it to 'Incrediball', which is almost the only one available in the US now. What is the plant with large leaves in front of the hydrangea?

Templom Kata said...

Thank you, James. This is one of my favorite plants, Heuchera villosa.