Friday, June 29, 2012

Good morning with lilies

I love very much this cherry-red lily.

Unfortunately I do not know its name, because although I looked for its original package, but they simply wrote on the bag: “Lily” (I purhcased it for 1 euro some years ago). It is nothing special of a lily, but in my opinion it has a very nice hue, and, unlike the special lilies, it persists and even reproduces in our garden.

As I have liked it, from time to time I have dug it out in the autumn and propagated it. I think this is a good example that you do not absolutely have to have extremely much money and special plants for a beautiful and unique garden. It was beautiful and it liked the place, and the fact that I could propagate it and make an entire arch of lilies of it, already made it extraordinary.

So, good morning with lilies, experimental mood, and good luck to all!

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