Saturday, February 9, 2008

Asters - for part shade and dry places

If Gaissmayer does not go completely crazy that I keep adding a little something even to the third version of my order, then within a short time I will be a happy owner of some asters that are beautiful in part shade, and even in part shade AND in dry places.

Already in the springtime when I was looking for plants for these places I discovered that I can plant asters there. Now, as I re-checked it, I found this article:

Anyone who knows a little bit of German is urged to have a look at it.


kate said...

Hi Kata,

I have enjoyed reading through your blog. Asters grow well here usually ... so do roses, but not those over zone 3 and at the most 4. I loved seeing the different heritage roses and Austin roses!

I enjoyed reading about Stefan Franczak and his incredible work with Clematis. That is simply amazing.

kate said...

I also meant to say that you might want to sign up at You have such an interesting blog, and more people will enjoy reading it if they know it exists!!