Saturday, December 4, 2010


These photos were taken by Tamás from his window. In every year around this time, in early December some of the sillier squirrels appear on the Turkish hazelnut tree standing immediately at our house.

Some of them is so reckless to slip even into the basket near the entrance door where we keep for them the nuts and peanuts for the wintertime.

It’s so happy to see it here. But it is very dangerous, because it has to pass through all the garden where it always can run across a cat. So when we see it, we always close the greatest danger, our own cat, in the room.

Thank God, this far every squirrel managed to get away with a whole skin.


SchneiderHein said...

Luckily our cats are now to old to hunt squirrel. For all of us it's wonderful to see them in winter on our garden desk or between our trees.
Best wishes for the new year!

Templom Kata said...

Dear Silke,

we also find much pleasure in the squirrels. They are so much accustomed to us that they let us come at two or three meters to them. So once I saw from so close that a squirrel explicitly caressed the face of the other when they met!

I also wish you all the best in the new year.