Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The album of This Was 2009 In The Garden has been published in Hortus Carmeli. Have a look at it!


James Golden said...

I have always admired the way you are able to knit together many different plants of a single type. Instead planting masses of the same plants in large groups (as Piet Oudolf would do), you use individual plants knitted together as in a carpet. This kind of planting often has a scattered, un-unified, bitty effect. I still am not able to understand how you make so many plants work together as a unified whole, but you do it very successfully, and it gives your garden a unique character.

Templom Kata said...

Dear James,

how interesting is what you say. Before I started gardening, I had made weavings for long years. Even now I often think of the garden like of a large weaving, and it often helps a lot.

It is not so complicated to create such compositions, one only has to take care to put together plants which grow more or less at the same pace.

Happy new year to you!


SchneiderHein 2 said...

Thank you for all these beautiful pictures through the seasons and years in your garden. It's always a pleasure!