Sunday, November 1, 2009

Imperial crown

“…suitably to its name, came to the European ornamental gardens through the mediation of two real emperors and two uncrowned kings of Renaissance botany…”

“…One of the emperors was Great Suleiman, il Magnifico, as Italian historians and al-Qanuni, the Legislator, as Turkish and Persian chroniclers called him. He complemented and stabilized the conquests of his father and grandfather, and his long reign was the golden age of Ottoman culture…”

“…Persian literature and art, including garden art, played a great role in this revival. Bread feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul, goes the saying attributed to Mohamed, and in this spirit Suleyman established in Istanbul the Flower Market which still functions on its original site, in the neighborhood of the Spice Bazaar…”

The story continues in the Poemas del Río Wang


Julia Erickson said...

I love these and grow them in my garden too, but never have I seen such a large display, even at Chanticleer.

KFE said...

What a beautiful blog! Fantastic photos! Will follow closely.