Monday, April 27, 2009

Rhodotypos scandens

I wanted to begin by saying that this is one of my favorite plants. But then I recalled that I almost always begin with this. When considering it a little bit more, I realized that in fact, almost every and each plant in the garden has something for which I especially love it.

Therefore, this is one of my favorites. Really. I am always happy when I pass by it. It belongs to those rare plants that I bought without any special consideration, just in the heat of passion. It was only twenty centimeters, but already so appealing that I immediately put it in the chart, although at that time I was already over the “large is the garden, there will be some place for it” phase of garden building.

This was about five years ago. By now it grew about one and half meters large. Somewhere on the net it is written that it grows well in dry shady parts. And it is truly so. It is planted in almost complete deep shadow under the walnut tree, in a part which I can only rarely water. In better conditions it is spreading, but here, in dry shady place it behaves well. It is very frost-hardy (Z4). It grows 1-2 meters (in other opinions 2-3) high and the same large. At us it grows on clay soil, but it is reported to cope with any kind of soil.

In the autumn it produces small black berries which decorate it until springtime. If you are looking for a plant which feels well, appears fresh and healthy and grows quickly even in dry shade, you should try it.

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