Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Molinia 'Transparent'

The grass in the middle is called like this. I think you will understand why.

It is my most beloved one of all the grasses. I have been trying to write about it in all the year, but I have not managed to take a photo of it that would do justice to its beauty.

By now I have accepted that for the time being I am not able to take better pictures. In the reality it is much, much more beautiful.

It grows two meters high. It starts to bloom in June, but it is attractive from the spring until the end of autumn. However, it collapses at the first serious snow.

Originally it is a marsh grass, and although it does not require a constantly wet soil, but it needs regular and thorough watering.

As to the soil, however, it is not picky. At us it loves both light and heavy soil. It develops equally well on the sun and in part shade.


Anne Marie said...

Good evening- Yoatsakat!
I am sorry if I am spelling that incorrectly!
That grass reminds me of one of my favorites here in the midwest...we call it "Prairie Dropseed"
The smell is heaven and earth combined.
Delightful pictures.
Buldog Karatchen

Templom Kata said...

Boldog karácsonyt, Anne Marie!