Friday, June 6, 2008

Amelia - Violacea: fence of historical roses, 2008


Blush Hip

Cardinal de Richelieu - Violacea - Sissinghurst Castle - Amelia - Hippolyte

Cardinal de Richelieu

Charles de Mills (the light pink one to the right: Amelia)

The simple one: Complicata; the full-flowered: Hippolyte.

Empress Josephine

Empress Josephine - Amelia - Charles de Mills

Erinnerung an Brod


In the forefront: Hippolyte. In the background, to the left: Rosa gallica officinalis. In the background, to the right: Rosa Mundi.


In the forefront: unknown rose (it was mixed up in the nursery and I do not know its name). In the background: Erinnerung an Brod.

In the forefront: La Sancta. Behind it: Trigintipetala

Sissinghurst Castle



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Himlarum said...

Wonderful roses!!! Wonderful photos!!!
Is it OK if I borrow one of your pictures to my blog if I link to you? I piainted a kind of a board today with the text Rosier Botanique, Rosa Sancta" and when I searched on the web on the name I found your blog!

Please have a look att my blog - . there you´ll see your picture! I will take it away if you don´t like that I have it there!

Best regards
Ann-Helen in Sweden