Saturday, April 5, 2008

Portland Rose

This name indicates both an actual rose and a whole category of old roses. I entertained great hopes of them as winter-hardy and recurrent historical roses, but unfortunately they did not stand the test at us. Except for one (Arthur de Sansal) they do not bloom repeatedly. It is possible that they would need more sunshine.

Portland roses are beautiful, but there are many more exciting and more beautiful roses than them. Nevertheless, they have historical interest, as they have been cultivated for more than two centuries.

Portland rose
Portland roseclass: Portland Rose, before 1800
height: 60 - 120 cms
width: 60 - 90 cms
American hardiness zone: Z4b (down to -32 ºC)
bloom: repeated, although at us it only blooms once, then it produces rose-hips

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