Friday, May 4, 2007

The Japanese tea garden

This is one of my favorite sitting places. Originally we wanted to place a garden seat here, but I could not wait until it would be prepared. I brought there two granite cubes that were left after the construction of the house, and on the top of them a plank, also a remainder of the construction. The result was forceful: we got a Japanese-style bench. I have immediately developed it further, adding one more cube and another plank, thus creating a corner seat. Later, when Tamás had time to polish the planks, I spread a mat varnish over it – but it in fact it had been beautiful even without that. We have brought an about 60 cm large white quarry stone with one flat side and placed it in front of the seat as a tea table.

The whole composition has a Japanese feeling while it also fits well in its not strictly Japanese surrounding. Nevertheless, for the sake of boasting off, we call it Japanese tea garden.

I sit a lot here, because I like very much the cool quiet of this place. This is what I see from here in the middle of April:

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