Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Unfortunately, this one here is not our original specimen. That one was brought in 1996 from England, but I planted it on a too shadowy place together with some other roses, and in the next spring, while replantating them, by mistake I gave it to someone instead of the one I wanted to give her.

I was very sorry for it, and when in 2004 we purchased new roses from David Austin, I ordered this one too. It has always belonged among those roses that I have never had any problem with.

However – the rose has changed in the meantime! Originally it had a very lively pink color, while now it bloomed in a nice dull pink tone.

No, we did not receive faulty copies. The one published in Austin’s book in 1996 had the same lively color as ours, while the catalog of 2006 displayed the same pastel tone as the new plant. The rose does match its picture. However, in the course of ten years it has changed its color.

To my grief.

class: English rose (David Austin 1988)
height: 90-150 cm
width: 75-120 cm
American hardiness zone: Z5 (-29 fokig)
bloom: repeated

The Help Me Find regards it as shade tolerant. The present one is on a relatively sunny place, but the first one was planted under a walnut tree (of which I had thought that it would not grow larger). Nevertheless, it developed well until the tree casted a strong shadow on it.

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